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Rank Math Pro

Rank Math Pro 1 Year Updates will receive updates from the RankMath official site directly into your dashboard till the validity expires.

This is a 100% original theme.
Get regular updates to your WordPress dashboard till the validity.
Get Up to 95% discount on every purchase.

Rankmath Pro unlocks many features that the free version does not. I’ve listed some key features in the table above. As you can see, we offer genuine Rankmath Pro for 90% less than the market price. You will get regular updates in your WordPress dashboard until the validity period.

Introducing the Rank Math SEO plugin in this comprehensive review, we’ll explore its key features and provide alternatives for those looking to diversify their options.

Before delving into the specifics, it’s essential to emphasize that the choice of an SEO tool—whether it’s Rank Math, Semrush, or AIOSEO—is secondary to the quality of your content. Starting with excellent content is paramount, and an SEO plugin like Rank Math can enhance and optimize your content to solidify its standing.

This Rank Math Pro review will encompass:

  1. Overview of Rank Math
  2. Features of Rank Math Pro
  3. Plans and Pricing
  4. Pros and Cons
  5. Alternative SEO plugins

By the end of this review, you’ll have the insights needed to determine whether Rank Math Pro aligns with your requirements.

Rank Math Pro Summary:

Rank Math Pro has swiftly gained popularity as a leading SEO plugin, and its appeal is evident. Boasting essential features crucial for websites aiming for high Google rankings, it excels in speed, Schema Markup support, AI-driven SEO analysis, seamless integration with Google Analytics tools, and dedicated support for WooCommerce. Remarkably, these offerings come at a reasonable price. With its lightweight design, numerous free plan features, and a feature-rich environment outshining competitors like Yoast and AIOSEO, Rank Math Pro adheres to every Google guideline. Its user-friendly interface and Schema Markup support further enhance its appeal. However, users may find the Content AI credits limited, and beginners might encounter challenges with the Advanced Configuration mode, though comprehensive tutorials are available. Notably, support is provided through a ticketing system for both free and Pro plans. Experience the benefits of Rank Math Pro by giving it a try!

Rank Math Pro: A Comprehensive Overview

Revolutionizing the landscape of WordPress SEO, the Rank Math SEO plugin has captured attention with its robust feature set. Maintaining its status as one of the most sought-after WordPress SEO plugins, Rank Math has gained millions of users since its 2019 release and continues to grow.

Distinguished as a top-tier product, Rank Math SEO stands out for its speed, lightweight design, and an extensive array of features available even in the free plan. Notable functionalities encompass speed optimization, Schema Markup support, AI-driven SEO analysis, seamless integration with Google Analytics, and dedicated WooCommerce support.

Widely acknowledged as the best WordPress SEO plugin on the market, Rank Math Pro offers an unparalleled combination of performance and features. For those seeking a quick overview, signing up for Rank Math Pro directly is just a click away!

Rank Math Free vs. Rank Math Pro

Features Rank Math Free Rank Math Pro
Powerful Schema Generator No Big Yes
Google News SEO Sitemap No Yes
WooCommerce SEO PRO No Yes
Track Top 5 Winning Keywords No Yes
840+ Schema Types Supported No Yes
Google AdSense Earning History No Yes
Import SEO Data via CSV File No Yes
Better SEO Performance No Yes
Upgrade to Rank Math Pro to unlock these advanced features and enhance your SEO capabilities. Accessible at a compelling 90% less than the market price, it’s a cost-effective solution for a powerful SEO toolkit. Regular updates are seamlessly delivered to your WordPress dashboard during the validity period, ensuring you stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of SEO.

Key Features of Rank Math Pro SEO Plugin for WordPress

  1. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Tailored for beginners with an intuitive and easy-to-use design.
  2. Setup Wizard:
    • Streamlines the initial configuration process for a hassle-free setup.
  3. Clean and Simple Design:
    • Boasts a visually appealing and straightforward design for an enhanced user experience.
  4. Content AI:
    • Leverages artificial intelligence for insightful content analysis and optimization.
  5. Built-in SEO Analysis Tool:
    • Equipped with an internal tool for comprehensive SEO analysis.
  6. Instant Indexing Support:
    • Facilitates quick indexing of content for improved search engine visibility.
  7. Index Status Checker Tool:
    • Allows users to monitor and assess the indexing status of their content.
  8. Google Analytics Integration:
    • Seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics for advanced tracking and insights.
  9. Keyword Rank Tracker Tool with Position History:
    • Provides a tool for tracking keyword rankings, complete with historical data.
  10. Posts Ranking Tracker:
    • Tracks and analyzes the ranking performance of individual posts.
  11. Advanced Schema Generator:
    • Offers a sophisticated tool for generating Schema Markup for enriched search results.
  12. Custom Schema Builder:
    • Allows users to create customized Schema Markup for tailored results.
  13. XML Sitemap Generator:
    • Automatically generates XML sitemaps for improved search engine crawling.
  14. Diverse Schema Options:
    • Supports various Schema types, including Article, Product, Recipe, Video, FAQ, and more.
  15. Local SEO Settings:
    • Tailors settings for local SEO optimization.
  16. Knowledge Graph Metadata:
    • Enables the addition of metadata for Knowledge Graph integration.
  17. News Sitemap Support:
    • Supports News sitemaps for websites focused on timely content.
  18. Video Sitemap:
    • Generates sitemaps specifically for video content.
  19. Image SEO Options:
    • Incorporates options for optimizing images for improved search visibility.
  20. WooCommerce SEO Options:
    • Tailors SEO settings specifically for WooCommerce websites.
  21. Multiple Focus Keywords Content Analysis:
    • Allows optimization for multiple focus keywords, with in-depth content analysis.
  22. Page Speed Tracking of Posts and Pages:
    • Monitors and tracks the page speed of individual posts and pages.
  23. Default Watermark for Social Media Images:
    • Enables the addition of default watermarks for social media images.
  24. Social Previews:
    • Provides previews of how content will appear on social media platforms.
  25. Ping All Popular Search Engines:
    • Facilitates quick notification to search engines when new content is published.
  26. Post Previews:
    • Offers previews of how posts will appear before publishing.
  27. 404 Monitoring Tool:
    • Monitors and manages 404 error pages for a seamless user experience.
  28. Redirection Manager:
    • Allows users to manage and implement URL redirections effectively.

Why Opt for Rank Math Pro?

1. User-Friendly Experience:

  • Rank Math Pro simplifies SEO with its user-friendly interface and well-defined options, ensuring a straightforward experience.

2. Superior to Competitors:

  • Unlike other SEO plugins that specialize in specific tasks, Rank Math Pro excels by handling all aspects of on-page SEO. From meta information and sitemaps to redirections and Schema, it’s an all-encompassing solution.

3. Advanced Functionality:

  • Gain complete control over on-page SEO with Rank Math Pro. The plugin empowers users with manual or auto-pilot options for indexing or noindexing, providing unparalleled flexibility.

4. Auto Configuration:

  • Rank Math Pro intelligently configures SEO settings based on your website type, incorporating industry research. Enjoy hassle-free auto-configuration tailored to your site’s needs.

5. Google Keyword Rank Tracking:

  • Keep everything centralized within Rank Math Pro, including Google keyword rank tracking. Witness real-time insights into how your keywords are performing in search engine results.

6. Full Schema Integration:

  • Recognizing the importance of Schema in the age of voice search, Rank Math Pro ensures your content is easily understood by Google. Benefit from a comprehensive Schema Codex for seamless implementation.

7. Detailed Documentation:

  • Navigate any complexities with ease through Rank Math Pro’s extensive Knowledge Base articles. Comprehensive documentation ensures you’re never stuck while using the plugin.

8. 24×7 Support:

  • When documentation falls short, rely on 24×7 support to address even the rarest issues. Rest assured that your problems will be attended to promptly.

9. Free Accessibility:

  • The best part? All these features come entirely free. Rank Math Pro believes in the product’s potential to assist as many users as possible, making it a community-driven offering. Say goodbye to premium costs with the same or even better functionality compared to competitors like Yoast SEO Premium.

Navigating the Rank Math Setup Wizard

Setting up Rank Math is a straightforward process, akin to installing any other WordPress plugin. Follow the standard procedure: upload the file, install, and activate.

As you initiate the Rank Math SEO plugin setup, the Rank Math setup wizard presents three options: Easy, Advanced, or Custom mode.

  • Easy Mode: Optimal for those who prefer the plugin to handle most tasks. It configures the plugin based on best SEO practices, allowing a set-and-forget approach.
  • Advanced Mode: Tailored for experienced users seeking complete control over SEO settings. This mode empowers users to fine-tune each setting according to their preferences.
  • Custom Mode: Ideal for those transferring Rank Math settings from another site, particularly beneficial for developers and SEO experts working with client sites.

For beginners, I recommend using the setup wizard to configure Rank Math in Easy mode. To guide you through the setup process, This ensures a smooth installation and configuration experience.

Rank Math Pro: Elevating Your WordPress SEO Game


Search Engine Optimization: Rank Math Pro meticulously adheres to Google’s search engine guidelines, emphasizing strategic keyword placement, SEO optimization for titles, images, videos, and news, robust implementation of Schema Markup, and the assessment of Core Web Vital metrics for enhanced user experience. The Pro version ensures compliance with current guidelines, avoiding outdated practices dropped by Google in recent updates.

Speed and Memory Usage: Despite offering more features than other WordPress SEO plugins, Rank Math’s efficient design, utilizing approximately 350Kb, maintains optimal page speed. Its modularity allows users to deactivate unnecessary functionalities, resulting in a lightweight and swift SEO plugin.

Focus Keywords Approach: Rank Math supports optimization for an unlimited number of keywords, with the free version accommodating up to 5 and the Pro version offering unlimited focus keywords. The plugin provides Google autosuggestions, and the focus keyword is analyzed across various elements, including SEO title, meta description, URL, content, headings, image alt text, and keyword density.

Content AI Analysis: Content AI offers insights based on audience location and keywords, suggesting expected word count, heading count, images/videos, external and internal links, and LSI phrases. The analysis is credit-based, with free users receiving five credits, Pro users getting 15, Business users getting 125, and Agency users receiving 600. Additional credits can be purchased at various rates.

Rich Snippet/Schema Markup: Rank Math excels in generating rich snippets through effective Schema Markup. The free version offers 13 predefined Schema types, while Rank Math Pro extends this to 20+ types, allowing unlimited additions per article. Schema testing can be conveniently done within WordPress, avoiding the need for external tools.

WooCommerce SEO: Rank Math Pro facilitates SEO optimization for WooCommerce, enabling customization of SEO parameters for single products and product archives. The plugin also allows users to set default Schema Markup for new products, enhancing their visibility and authority in search engine results.

Analytics: Rank Math Pro offers keyword tracking for up to 500 keywords, with the Business plan extending this to 50,000. Unlike other plugins, keyword tracking is included, and integration with Google Analytics 4 provides advanced tracking and data accuracy. The WordPress dashboard displays comprehensive analytics data, eliminating the need to log into external platforms.

Elevate your SEO efforts with Rank Math Pro and unlock a suite of powerful features for a seamlessly optimized WordPress experience.

Rank Math Pro Support and Pricing: A Comprehensive Overview

Support: For users subscribed to the Business and Agency plans, Rank Math provides 24x7x365 priority support. Pro users can access an array of support resources, including the SEO Suite Knowledge Base Articles, the Rank Math Forum, and the Rank Math SEO Plugin group on Facebook, boasting nearly 50,000 members. Video tutorials on YouTube cover a wide range of topics, offering additional guidance on using the Rank Math Pro plugin effectively.

Pricing: Rank Math Pro offers competitive pricing for its feature-rich offerings. Users can sign up for the Rank Math plugin through the provided link.

Rank Math Review: Pros and Cons:


  1. Light and fast performance.
  2. Internal functions for redirects, 404 monitoring, Schema, and analytics, eliminating the need for additional plugins.
  3. Comprehensive feature set.
  4. User-friendly interface.
  5. Robust support for Schema Markup.
  6. Active support on the dedicated Facebook group.


  1. The number of credits for Content AI is perceived as insufficient and may occasionally disappear without clear reasons.
  2. Configuration may pose challenges for beginners.
  3. Support for the free version and Pro plan is exclusively through a ticketing system.

It’s important to note that while Rank Math presents a compelling package with numerous advantages, users should be mindful of the identified cons and assess their individual needs and preferences when considering this SEO plugin.

Rank Math Pro Release Highlights (Changelog)


  1. Content AI Optimization:
    • Content AI now delivers results more efficiently, enhancing user experience.
  2. Bulk Generate SEO Meta Tags Feature Restriction:
    • The Bulk Generate SEO Meta tags feature is now limited to Paid Content AI users, providing exclusive access to this functionality.
  3. Autogenerate Image Enhancement:
    • Autogenerate Image now utilizes the Poster Image as the thumbnailUrl for self-hosted videos, improving image handling.
  4. Podcast Feed Permalink Filter Enhancement:
    • The Podcast Feed Permalink filter now allows users to disable the Podcast feed by passing a false value, offering greater control.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Non-Compliant Schema Markup Issue:
    • Adding empty lines in the Pros & Cons fields no longer creates non-compliant Schema Markup, ensuring proper functionality.
  2. Local Business Shortcode Attribute Fix:
    • The attribute to show the price range (show_priceRange) in the Local Business shortcode is now functional, resolving any issues.
  3. Open Graph Image Update Fix:
    • The Open Graph image now updates correctly after importing data using the CSV File, addressing any inconsistencies.
  4. Incorrect Schema Display Fix:
    • The issue of displaying incorrect Schema in the Code Validation on the Homepage has been rectified for accuracy.
  5. Redirection Import Error Fix:
    • Resolved the error occurring after importing Redirections with encoded characters from a CSV file, ensuring smooth functionality.
  6. Generate Video Schema Tool Update:
    • The Generate Video Schema tool now updates the uploadDate value in existing Video Schemas in alignment with the latest guidelines.

Stay updated with these improvements and fixes by upgrading to Rank Math for an enhanced and optimized user experience.

Rank Math Pro Review: A Winning SEO Plugin

In conclusion, Rank Math Pro emerges as a frontrunner among SEO plugins, rapidly securing its place at the top. With robust features such as speed optimization, Schema Markup support, AI analysis, seamless integration with Google Analytics tools, and dedicated WooCommerce support, Rank Math Pro stands out as a comprehensive and powerful solution for website optimization.

The allure of Rank Math Pro extends beyond its feature set, as it offers all these functionalities at a highly affordable price. It excels in meeting the diverse needs of users, making it a reliable choice for anyone aiming to enhance their website’s SEO performance.

Final Thoughts on Rank Math Pro: In our comprehensive Rank Math review, it is evident that Rank Math Pro surpasses other SEO plugins. However, it’s important to note that while Rank Math Pro excels in many aspects of SEO, relying on a single plugin may not cover all aspects of your SEO strategy. For users seeking additional features, such as PPC strategy implementation or competitor backlink analysis, exploring other apps discussed in this Rank Math Pro review might be beneficial. Rest assured, there are no wrong choices – it’s about finding the tool that aligns best with your specific SEO needs and strategies.

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